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Big Blue Skies Sale

Friday, November 24, 2017           by The Purl Box

There seems to be a lot of Black Friday sales popping up this side of the Pacific.  I admit I wasn't too sure what sad occurrence had prompted the naming of a day Black Friday ... being Australian, I assumed some national disaster along the lines of a horrendous bushfire & wondered how that could occur late in a Northern hemisphere November.

But thanks to the wonderful, educative powers of Instagram, I've just learnt that Black Friday is much like what our Boxing Day has evolved into - a Mega Shopping Sales day.  Apparently, it has morphed into being to help compensate for the bittersweet Post-Thanksgiving Mega-family-fest Holiday Blues.  (Although I've never truly understood why we must insist on clothes shopping the day after eating our body weight in festive foods)

So while we aren't hosting our own Black Friday Sale, we do have a rather bittersweet sale on of our own.

I'm calling it a Big Blue Skies Sale (just to give it a name).  In the course of running any business, you need to re-assess from time to time the ethos & direction that you aim for & analyse the actual path you are taking.  Sometimes you find they don't quite mesh.  When that happens, sometimes you have to make some hard choices about how to realign the compass (so to speak).

Thusly, Anita & I have made the very hard decision to let go of all our Blue Skies stock and our Spud & Chloe yarns.  We really love these yarns (as we never stock anything we don't actually want to knit with ourselves), & have many a happy project made from them, but are finding they don't quite fit with where we plan to be heading yarn wise.

So, the Good News (for you) is that all our Blue Sky Fibers and Spud & Chloe yarns are now a massive 50 % off until they are gone.  

So swing over to our Catch page to find them all listed.  

Think of how many Happy Christmas gifts you can achieve with this sale!! 

And of course, we won't tell if you just gift yourself the fun instead.

Happy Knitting!


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