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Fantoosh! KAL

Sunday, May 08, 2016           by The Purl Box

So If you've been looking at our group page on Ravelry lately, you'll have noticed that we've decided now is the perfect time for a Fantoosh! knit-a-long.  It's no secret we at The Purl Box have a little bit of a crush on the work of Kate Davies & perhaps like knitting the odd lace shawl or two...

And so it was the lovely Rhonda who echoing my desire to knit Fantoosh right NOW, despite too many WIP's, decided we needed to start a KAL....

Feel free to come & join us.  We'd love to have you along.

So, here's the go:

The KAL official cast on date is May 15th - this Sunday coming - and the bulk of us are planning to knit using either 1 or 2 skeins of Oyster Yarns Eden's Blend.  It's very deliciously made up of 70 % Blue Faced Leicester Wool, 20 % Silk & 10 % Cashmere, so will give this shawl a beautiful drape & shine, whilst still providing good stitch definition & a nice snug shawl at the end.  The pattern can by downloaded from Ravelry as we've run out of hard copies in the shop & comes in two sizes.  We've set a pretty cruisey end date for the KAL - September 15, so there's no need to rush & if you can't start straight away, there's still plenty of time for you to join in along the way.

I'm planning on knitting the larger size - all the better to keep me warm at a wedding I'll be going to in September (hence the end date being that month), but if you want to join in, you can do whichever size you wish. 

I have to say, I pretty excited about this KAL... and part of that is because I get to knit myself a shawl in the Eden's Blend... and like all good knit-a-long's, half the fun is in choosing the yarn!  

It took me all of two seconds to decide on the Fortune Teller shade... I've been not-so-secretly lusting after this ever since I pulled the yarn from its dye bath... in some ways its an odd choice for me - It's more soft than bold in presence & has quite a reasonable amount of brown in it, normally a colour I veer away from.  But the toning is cool rather than warm & there's still enough depth in the shadings to stop me looking like I need a blood transfusion.  

(Please do excuse the weird lighting of this shot - finally the rainy days are here, so everything's a wee dark)

I admit I got a little excited about this KAL & ferreted out the last of the Eden's Blend bases I had in stock to dye up for you to chose from, just in case you were feeling the thrill of Fantoosh! too.

Looking at the lace within the pattern, I was rather taken with how much it looks like leaves, & coupled with a late arvo walk past some of my favourite autumn trees, got rather inspired by the remaining leaves on their baring branches in the last of the sunlight.  That and the fun of kicking through the drifts of fallen leaves like a rather large kid...

So there's a few new colours in the shop now - Gloaming:

A beautiful darker gold version of Honey, with a subtle pink wash, like the last rosy golden glow of sunlight peeking under the clouds.  

Guinevere - because with the baring of the deciduous, the dark evergreens of pine & cypress become so important at keeping the grimness away  ... okay, so we've not exactly had a bitter autumn thus far, with this I was rather reminiscing about the grey ones I'd spent in the UK when choosing this colour.

And Rhubarb Pie... a lilac / purple combination, with a bit of softness to it - like the leaves already fallen, drying on the ground.  

Here they are together:

Of course, if you rather think the lacy pattern is more reminiscent of fish scales, you could always plump for Aquarius, or Sealer's Cove.  Or make yourself a dragon with The House Red... or Shadowlands.... really it's the sort of patten that could be anything.  

 And best of all, once the basic motif has been repeated a few times, it'll be quite an easy knit to do - pretty, lacy & after you've gotten the hang of the pattern, maybe even a Winestore knit ; )  

I think that's why I'm determined to ignore the WIP's & get this one made.  

Happy knitting!


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