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Skein of thought

Festive Wishes

Friday, December 23, 2016           by The Purl Box

At this end of the year, it's common to look back & take stock of what's been.  And 2016 has sure been an interesting, fascinating year for pretty much everyone globally.  And unfortunately, its not always been in a good, or positive way.  There have been some rather dramatic changes across the globe that have left many people stressed & worried for the future.  Having said that, there has also been some incredibly uplifting & moving moments that have come about as a result of, or in response to, those events, that remind you its often the little things that can make the biggest differences to people.

Anyways, I'm not here to talk about politics, or preach my religion or urge for peace (although that would be nice), or anything that may inadvertently get me up on a very big soap box I'll struggle to step down off.  (I'll save that up for my family catch ups - we have often spent our Christmases deep in discussion about how to 'save the world'... of course, in a big, extended family, everyone has a different plan or idea of what needs saving & how!)

I'm here instead to count my blessings & thank you & wish you all a Very Merry & Safe & Joyful Festive season.

And this year I find I have quite a lot of blessings to count.  With so many happenings & people in my life to be grateful for.  I've made some fabulous new friends, reacquainted myself with some old ones & seen parts of the world I've never been too before (Shetland, I'm looking at you here). I've shared a lot of love & laughs (& tears) with those that are close to me & found that friends & family really do help to make the bad stuff good again.  

It has been rather a roller-coaster journey along the way at times this year, but sometimes I think that reminds you of how to appreciate all the little & sweet things that happen.  Like the colour of the autumn leaves that have fallen on wet asphalt, or the smell of a rose bush in bloom.  The pick-me-up of a coffee & cake date with a mate & the love you get in a smile from your family.  

Both Anita & I have been continuously uplifted along the way by the affection & support of you all - online, in person & through your continued support of our shop & our yarns.

So we send you a great big Thank You.  We are very incredibly grateful.  And we wish you Merry.  And we hope to see you back again next year.

Happy Knitting,

Kylie. xxx

p.s. FYI - the online shop will of course be open over the holiday season, just in case no-one bought you yarn for Christmas & you need to rectify that! We'll be shipping all orders as & when possible between the holiday days.

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