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Skein of thought

It's okay to change my mind

Sunday, December 04, 2016           by The Purl Box

Sometimes you find it doesn't matter how much you've planned & thought & dreamt about a particular project / yarn combination, when it comes to the execution of it, you get half way through & all you feel is Meh!

I've made a number of projects in the past that when I get to the end, I find I just don't wear.  This can be for a number of reasons - the bulky weight green cardigan that just makes my arms look like fat green sausages, the cute little cropped cardi that just doesn't sit right in the shoulders, or at the waist for that matter.  The bright & fun test knit shawl that's so large that I need to wrap around my neck about 5 times so the ends don't drag & thus I'm rendered immobile like I'm wearing a brace.

Most of my issues are related to gauge ... I've mentioned before that my stitch shape seems to be unusually short & wide ... so therefore the things I knit also tend to be short & um, well, wide.  

Now that I'm a little bit more knowledgable in my knitting - with more skills & more experience & perhaps slightly less gung ho-ness, I can easily see why all of these past projects have fallen into the do not wear pile.  

I can't say I regret the time spent knitting them however, as then I wouldn't have this knowledge of gauge & yarn suitability other wise.  There's a blog in this, about gauge & how to make it work, but that's not what I'm on about today.

Today is talking about a particular project - or really 2 projects.  The one that was, & the one I'm doing instead.

So, back to my first sentence, some times, it doesn't matter how much you love a yarn & a project & in my case, & beads, when you begin to put it together, it just, for some reason does not work out.  Even when you want it too, very, very much.

So for me, the yarn was Fyberspates Gleem Lace in the Tweed Imps colourway.  Gorgeous rich shades of wine & jewels that would go with so many things in my wardrobe.  The Pattern was a Boo-Knits MKAL - Danse Macabre.  If you've read any of my past blogs, you'll already know I love me a good bit of Boo.  So even though by being an MKAL I haven't seen the whole of it, the pattern is bound to float my boat.  The beads too - Miyuki Triangles in a gorgeous raspberry pink with an AB finish looked really, really pretty with the yarn.  I couldn't wait!

And yet, every time I got the project out, I just couldn't get into it.  I started the MKAL late for some reason, so I could see all the lovely creations forming ahead of my own & could really appreciate how the patten was shaping in their work. What was in my hands though, was like holding a changeling, this thing that was so beautiful in all its parts, just grew more & more bleugh as I progressed.  

(example of bleugh)

Eventually I put the project down to mull it over as other, more loved knitting, grew on my needles, while I pondered what to do.

A new pattern Lacebark by Mary-Anne Mace, aka The Lace Eater, started calling to me.  In truth, pretty much all of the LaceEater's pattern call to me.  But Lacebark was also calling to the Tweed Imps.  Singing a sweet, come play with me, siren song.

But I was well into Clue 3 at this stage & thought it a waste not to keep going.  So I decided to persevere with the Danse Macabre.

Which really just meant the project sat in my cupboard for a few months.  Knitting for my UK trip became a priority, so I just ignored the project bag full of Meh & carried on.  Lacebark still sang at the yarn & finally, just before my trip & during the Ravellenic Games I gave in & Frogged that project.  I hadn't yet fully committed to the Lacebark, but I knew I would never finish that particular Danse Macabre.

I was already dreaming of how pretty a dark green Macabre would be ... or maybe one in Bad Day, Red Lipstick - having seen how that was knitting up in Lola .... with the border effect that Boo-Knits used, it would give it a real Flamenco vibe ... (here's a shot of Anita's Alpenshawl using Lola in BD, RL)

So now, post holiday & past hat knitting & with the blue skies finally coming back out, I've mentally switched from fair isle to lace & having re-found my ball of Tweed Imps, I've cast on for Lacebark.

I've not gotten very far along yet, but I'm already much more in love with this project.   I know it'll look a treat & that I'll wear it heaps.  I beginning to think the mass of garter stitch that the Danse Macabre pattern started with was the culprit, now that I see how this yarn looks in a stocking stitch base.  Here the jewel tones shine through, where-as in the garter, they just looked mottled & muddy.  Which, to me is kind of funny as I always thought garter stitch and variegated yarns worked hand in hand.

So really I've learnt this  - It is okay to admit something that should work well actually does not.   It is okay to frog a project because it's just not doing it for you.  Sometimes the parts, no matter how delicious, just do not combine well to make the Whole.  It is okay to trust your gut - stop knitting something you don't think is working, as there is the perfect pattern / yarn combination out there.

Of course, the other project I'm starting on is a re-working of a Thea Colman sweater into a different weight yarn ... so stay tuned here to see if pattern/yarn/gauge fall in love & create a beautiful sweater together, or if I end up with another changeling. 



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