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Skein of thought

Knitting and Texture

Sunday, October 18, 2015           by The Purl Box

I've been a bit quiet here lately.... 

I've had lots of things I've been wanting to talk about, but I never seem to quite get my knitting to the point where I feel I can show you.

All WIP's, no FO's is my world right now.  My 'perfect' system of Project management has come a little unstuck.  There's no one source of fault for this, but rather a lot of distractions - planned & unplanned along the way.

One thing was some knee surgery.  Unplanned, following a skiing related injury.  This may sound good to a knitter - some significantly uninterrupted knitting time whilst recovering.  Except I didn't reckon on just how much I couldn't concentrate after the anaesthetic.  So no lace knitting for me, for what seemed like forever, but was really only about 6 weeks.  Even ordinary knitting took a back seat for while as my brain kept wandering ( & snoozing).

The other big distraction I found was The Craft Sessions 2015.  Totally planned & totally anticipated.  Needless to say, totally enjoyed too!!!

But really, a complete disaster in terms of achieving FO's - instead I found myself with three more WIP's - two from classes & one - my Stevenson Sweater, which I (finally) cast on to take so I had sitting on the couches to gossip & knit knitting.  This last one I even managed to leave behind at the end of the weekend.  Some beautiful person found it & as of this week its now back in my possession, ready to be worked on again.  Happy, happy dancing!!

Only now as I finally have my lace mojo back, I'm rather focussed on the current Boo-knits MKAL..... 

Who am I kidding, it's a lovely problem to have.  

Anyway, back to topic, I wasn't planning on talking much, just showing you some pics....

At the start of spring I wound on these....

The brownish one that looks like the branch the greens are growing from is Fyberspates Vivacious DK in Silver & Bronze,.  This is being made into my version of Julia Billings's Anstruther bag - and started life in a class she ran on Fisherman's Knits at The Craft Sessions.  What you are seeing here is a simple knit-purl combination that will become the base of the bag, with a bit of the bag's side at the edge of the picture.

I've used a different colour of this yarn before - Mixed Magentas for this:

I have to say, I love how this takes to texture.  The variegation does more to enhance the pattern than detract from it.  I'm looking forward to making myself a sweater in this yarn, but have yet to decide if I want it to be lacy, or cabled.  I've always thought a Ginny's cardigan would look great in the Lavender Haze colourway.  Or maybe a Wenceslas from Twist collective in Deep Forest or Spiced Plums.  

I've been playing with texture in other things too - the bright green in the above photo is Oyster Yarns Bounce in a new colourway Orla.  This will be coming into the shop soon.

Here's a bit of a close up of this playing with twisted stitches.  


I've not yet blocked this out, as I may have to steal the yarn to finish a knit I'm basing around this pattern, but I can't wait to show you the real FO!

The dark green, is a Spud & Chloe Sweater in Pine Needle.  I'm planning on using this to make a longer version of Chuck, by Andi Satterlund.  Sweater is also a rather delicious partner for texture, as I found here....  I wish I could show you the cable-y bit on the sweater front, but this is as far as I've got so far...

As I mentioned... a whole lot of WIP's....if a swatch counts as a WIP!

 For some semblance of brevity I haven't included this to keep my dad's head warm... or even this, as I will talk more on this soon !

I will show you a little bit of lace though, just for fun!  The more the weather turns increasingly summer like, the more a knit full of holes is my go to texture of choice.  And it's not like dad will need a cabled alpaca hat until next winter anyway, right?

At least this one's a bonafide FO.

What's your texture?


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