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Melba Silk

Sunday, November 08, 2015           by The Purl Box

Introducing our new Oyster Yarns laceweight - Melba Silk.....

This new yarn is a direct result of my latest knitting obsession - beaded lace shawls.  I've been hankering after a pure silk laceweight for a while & so here we present to you a beautiful lady: Melba Silk - she's 100 % Mulberry Silk & a 100g skein will give you 750 m - this is equivalent to an Australian 2ply weight yarn.

I've had some fun learning how our Melba takes to dye & I'm loving the subtle effects she gives.  She also doesn't mind coming on all over Bold - as you can see by the shawl I have currently in progress - this is the Boo-Knits Voodoo, using Melba in the colour Pankhurst.  I confess to finding knitting with 100 % silk slightly strange at first - its definitely a different beast to a wool or wool blended yarn.  But now I've got the feel of it, I'm so in love.  Plus, she stays so cool in my hands - so its a fair guarantee Melba will become my Yarn of Summer.

Here's a shot of a few slightly more subtle colourways - 

When I put these colours all together, it felt like I was making a 'Romance Collection', all tea roses & smoky eyes..... You can find our Melba Silk in the shop here.

This one is called Fortune Teller.  It's a new colour I'm particularly fond of.  Here it is again in Eden's Blend.

I've also been dyeing up a few other yarns - you'll find some favourites restocked as well as new colours in Highly Strung, Eden's Blend & Bounce... I may have included a wee bit of Plum Bob in the super glam & sparkly Duchess ... for those of you who've been asking.

Eden's Blend in Orla.  

Duchess in Washing Blue.

Just a few samples of what's in store .... go check it out.


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