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Skein of thought

Sweater drought

Sunday, January 24, 2016           by The Purl Box

You may have noticed a small trend I've developed lately towards all things lace?  More specifically, lacy, beaded shawls...?

Not that there's anything wrong with that! Except I think I recall at some point last year I declared 2015 to be my personal year of the Sweater.  Ha!  Looking through my projects I can't see a single sweater that I've completed in the last year (well, 18 months, but who'd admit to that?).  I haven't even finished the Limepop I'm making for my nephew - all it needs now is sleeves, but it's been in that state for a good half year & at this rate, it'll be for his sister instead.

It's not that I haven't been knitting, but there's only so many hours in the day available for knitting & I do so love a bit of lace with bling.

I still want sweaters though.   Right now, on my immediate To Do list is finishing my Stevenson (still embarrassingly at the ribbing stage), and make Foxglove, another delicious Kate Davies design, this time from her Yokes book.  Then there's Chuck, which I've already swatched Spud & Chloe's Sweater for (although I'll knit an extra cable repeat for added length).  Plus at least one of these - Sophie, Andover, Cossette, or Murron, from Jennifer Wood.  I love how pretty her designs are & can't wait to get a bit of that for myself.  And now, thanks to a recent Kate Davies blog post, Deco has moved up my list as it's just so darned cute.

All that sweaterage waiting in the wings is a little daunting though, especially when you are experiencing the come down from the post-holiday season rush, and still have rather too much committed to needles as it is.  But this year, I'm determined to make Year of the Sweater!  Or at least finish three on my list.  Okay, maybe two.

The solution of course is to find something completely different to knit.  Something to re-ignite the sweater fire in my belly.  Which came to me during a random search on the Ravelry pattern database.  

This is Birkin, by Amy Miller.  

A sport weight sweater, made of Lace.  I saw this & thought immediately how good it would look in Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply/Sport.  And it is made of Lace.  Simple stitches, no body shaping, not too long - and with the shine & drape the silk content of the Scrumptious provides, it could become the loveliest top to wear out at night.   Glamour without too much fussiness.  And it is made of lace!

All I had to do was decide on colour.  There's not doubt this pattern looks gorgeous in the grey - so Water or Charcoal would be naturally stunning choices.  

Here's a little swatch in the Water...

But I've a cardi in this colour already & have been totally in love with the bold Cherry ever since it first arrived into our clutches - ahem - stockroom.  

I did wonder if the dark red would look rather overdone, but then I kept flashing back to a jumper I used to live in back in my Uni days - a short, slightly boxy, striped knit sweater in a raspberry red chenille.  I'd wear it over black jeans & turtleneck to jazz clubs on Friday nights with my then boyfriend & our musician mates.  

Now in truth, jazz is not my favourite musical genre, I've no idea where that particular boyfriend is now & its rather rare to see me sporting black these days, but I was totally in love with that sweater.  Even if it moulted little fluffs of chenille over everything I touched.  And those slightly hazy memories of that time are sweet.

So in the come-down from the Christmas season rollercoaster rush, taking some time out this January to knit up something that starts with good memories seems like the perfect way to break my sweater drought.

I haven't got past the ribbing yet, but already I'm loving the colour & the shine.  I'm betting that once again, I'll be going out this winter in a short, slightly boxy, striped red knit sweater!  

And it is, after all, made of Lace.


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