Mothers of Purl

One day, during our local knitting group meet up, Anita described to me a conversation that she'd had with her partner that seemed so funny yet so, so true:

Him: "Do you spend all your time thinking about knitting?"
Anita: "Yep. Pretty much."

Sometimes working out the simple truths gives you the impetus to change. Anita & I share a mutual obsession for knitting & for fabulous yarn. And we both found we had a real need to make changes in our working lives.

The idea of starting a shop, of creating The Purl Box, slowly morphed from a fantasy Sunday knitting meet-up daydream into a fantastic potential reality. And from there we get to here....our on-line store full of fabulous yarns.

Somewhere along the way, in that half daze between the pillow & my first coffee of the day Oyster Yarns decided to join in for the ride.

I've always had a thing for colour & lush texture, & truthfully only got back into knitting as a grown-up so I could play with the all the lovely yarns. Now, of course, I get all the other documented benefits of knitting as well - the therapeutic & meditative aspects, the challenging aspects, the really cute cardi I just made aspects. Especially the last.... but still, its the yarn that keeps drawing me in. In all its tactile, & myriads of colour-full goodness.

There's something deliciously addictive about creating love & comfort - for ourselves & for our kin. It's almost primal, really. Knitting & making things with yarn pretty much is the pinnacle of that urge.